Our Approach

Applying automotive best practice to alternative industries

As the birthplace to the well-established ‘Unipart Way’, through the adoption of lean thinking principles, UMG has deep rooted foundations in delivering exceptional service to our customers.

Our unique approach is under pinned by three core lean principles; process efficiency, continuous improvement and the elimination of waste. By using these techniques as a standard way of working, we can ensure we provide a complete manufacturing, engineering and supply chain solution to multiple sectors and wider industry.

Global partnerships and a strong UK presence

Building on many years of expertise in manufacturing and engineering, UMG has remained at the forefront of innovation in automotive, power generation and aerospace as well as providing support in a broader range of manufacturing services.

Applying research and development into new products and processes to develop the next generation of technologies, UMG has developed a high standard of forward thinking, applying this across the wider sectors, responding to many of the UK challenges faced today.

Partnerships to global manufactures looking to create strong UK presence

UMG has almost 20 years’ experience as the UK footprint for well-established global suppliers.

Kautex Unipart is a tier 1 supplier which design and manufacture of automotive blow moulded fuel tanks.