Unipart Manufacturing Group offers distribution services to the fast changing technology sector through end-to-end supply chain solutions provided by our Unipart Manufacturing Services (UMS) division which is supported by Unipart Group capability.

Managing all areas of your customer journey we ensure we drive innovation, service excellence and cost efficiency at all stages of the process.

Our bespoke processes are suited to a wide range of technology sectors including; imaging, computing, telecommunications and security systems.

UMS works closely with you and your customers to achieve a complete understanding of your needs and special requirements in order not only to achieve but to exceed the final customer experience.


Phil Langley

Phil Langley

Supply Chain Expert
Tel 07818 452 315

  • Phil Langley


  • Warehousing & order fulfilment
  • Inbound to Manufacturing
  • Kitting, assembly & configuration
  • Bespoke packaging / Premium pack
  • Transport Management
  • Service Parts/Post sales logistics
  • Supply Chain management
  • Inventory cost analysis
  • Product returns control
  • Technical distribution
  • Technical services

Specialists in supply chain

  • Through enhanced visibility we are able to ensure your product is delivered to the right place, at the right time
  • Our processes allow us to have a flexible approach to respond quickly to customer demand, changes in the market and unexpected events
  • At all stages our customers retain strategic control