Exhaust Systems

Providing over 25 years design and manufacture of exhaust engineering solutions to the automotive industry

Unipart provides complete full service supply for exhaust systems fitted to any automotive vehicle.

We can offer emission compliant systems to meet existing and future regulations.

We are leading the move to close coupled units, saving both space and cost.With world class production experience we can offer customers bespoke robot production lines to produce both petrol catalyst systems and complete cold end exhaust.Working with our R&D teams, we continue to offer the latest technology to support light-weight vehicles, to ensure our customers can offer ground breaking CO2 compliant vehicles.


Tim Fane

Tim Fane

Unipart Exhaust Specialist


  • Tim Fane
  • Unipart  Exhaust Specialist
  • tim.fane@unipart.com

Our products include:

  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Catalyst Systems
  • Hot Ends
  • Mufflers & Resonators
  • Cold Ends
  • Tail Trims

Experts in exhausts

  • Technological lead in light-weighting and active acoustics
  • Proto-typing and niche volume manufacturer
  • UK based - with access to the world's best technology
  • Design capabilities
  • Experienced in sequenced delivery