Corporate Responsibility

Integrating responsibly with local business and the surrounding community

Corporate Responsibility (CR) has been an integral part of the way UMG operates to ensure all divisions respond to the environmental and social challenges that we face today.

Recognising CR as a fundamental role in under-pinning UMG’s growth strategy, with the already established ‘Unipart Way’ philosophy, we have based our working culture on engaging and empowering employees, customers, partners and suppliers at all levels of our organisation using ‘lean’ as a standard way of business operations.

As part of Unipart Group, we are a recognised leader in responsible business practice and act as a catalyst for CR, being recently awarded a four star rating in the 2014 Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index, the UK’s leading benchmark for responsible businesses. To find out more click here.

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Corporate Responsibility

Read our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

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30ab27a2_a44f_4486_a30d_08dd2d9ee785 | 12:50 UK time, Tuesday, 05 January

This Corporate Responsibility report sets out how we structure and govern ourselves in relation to corporate responsibility, and highlights in more detail our key areas of focus and performance during the year. The stories and case studies that lie behind this performance can be found on this website.

Unipart Group is proud to have ranked amongst the top 6 companies in the UK - achieving 5 Stars in the Business in the Community (BiTC) Corporate Responsibility Index

Unipart Rail shortlisted for Cheshire Business Corporate Responsibility Award

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| 09:49 UK time, Thursday, 15 October

Watch the video about Unipart Rail's corporate responsibility programme.

Corporate responsibility is at the heart of everything we do

Local businesses help raise career aspirations of Oxfordshire youth

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c5cb7581_e0b4_4eb9_9ad9_530a9026009b | 11:25 UK time, Tuesday, 26 May

150 school students from Oxford Academy took part in an exciting and interactive speed career networking session with Oxford employers. 

The session was organised to help students gain an understanding and awareness of the different careers that can be pursued locally and also helped increase the employers' understanding of the skills and aspirations of the young people of Oxford.

As well as one to one discussions and group work activities, students were able to question representatives from companies including Unipart Group, British Gas, Oxford City Council, Wiley & Sons and Hart Publishing about their skills and competencies, in order to correctly identify the employee’s role. In a turn ... Click here to read more

Students and volunteers at the Speed Career Networking event - helping to increase understanding and awareness of different careers in an exciting and interactive way

Unipart Inspires Programme

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Four participants from the Unipart Inspires programme talk about their experiences.

Unipart Inspires offers young jobseekers an intensive three week programme

Supplier Engagement at Unipart Rail

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30ab27a2_a44f_4486_a30d_08dd2d9ee785 | 17:50 UK time, Friday, 24 May

Unipart Rail Traction and Rolling Stock business unit provide a parts logistics service to train operators. They have recently developed a new approach with their top 20 suppliers called Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Based on a vision & values partnership, this approach aims to achieve lower cost overall through collaborative working and is aligned with BS11000 standard. It promotes a continuous improvement culture and starts with an engagement process to establish joint objectives and policies.A high level risk matrix is used for the top 100 suppliers. Six matrices are used in the following areas: Engineering; Cost; Quality; Delivery; Financial; Relationship. A Supply Chain risk s... Click here to read more