Corporate Responsibility

Integrating responsibly with local business and the surrounding community

Corporate Responsibility (CR) has been an integral part of the way UMG operates to ensure all divisions respond to the environmental and social challenges that we face today.

Recognising CR as a fundamental role in under-pinning UMG’s growth strategy, with the already established ‘Unipart Way’ philosophy, we have based our working culture on engaging and empowering employees, customers, partners and suppliers at all levels of our organisation using ‘lean’ as a standard way of business operations.

As part of Unipart Group, we are a recognised leader in responsible business practice and act as a catalyst for CR, being recently awarded a four star rating in the 2014 Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index, the UK’s leading benchmark for responsible businesses. To find out more click here.

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Corporate Responsibility

Read our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

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This Corporate Responsibility report sets out how we structure and govern ourselves in relation to corporate responsibility, and highlights in more detail our key areas of focus and performance during the year. The stories and case studies that lie behind this performance can be found on this website.

Unipart Group is proud to have ranked amongst the top 6 companies in the UK - achieving 5 Stars in the Business in the Community (BiTC) Corporate Responsibility Index

Unipart Rail shortlisted for Cheshire Business Corporate Responsibility Award

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| 09:49 UK time, Thursday, 15 October

Watch the video about Unipart Rail's corporate responsibility programme.

Corporate responsibility is at the heart of everything we do

Unipart Logistics Saves Money and Resources at the Same Time

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When the electrical immersion system at our Honeybourne site needed replacing, our team of eco-friendly engineers looked for a way that would not only heat water, but that could utilise excess heat from a warm area of the building and transfer it to the water system – whilst still reducing our running and maintenance costs. Our team found a solution which is 400% efficient as opposed to the older immersion system, which was typically 95% efficient. Unipart was able to reduce running costs by approx £546 per year, and provide a means of cooling our hot areas, such as the kitchen. Another great example of our engineers thinking about a problem in a different way and coming up with a solution ... Click here to read more

Reducing the Carbon Footprint in Oxford

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Unipart is a member of the Oxford-based stakeholders which includes Local Government, Community Groups, University and Business organisations all working collaboratively towards the vision for a Low Carbon Oxford. The Low Carbon Oxford strategy is a ‘bottom up’ approach relying largely on action by businesses, communities and households working individually and in collaboration within a framework of targets, monitoring and networking to share best practice. The success of the strategy will be based on robust but simple monitoring processes and the effectiveness of our ways of collaborating.Unipart have signed up to a Pathfinder Group of leading organisations in Oxford, who have agreed to ado... Click here to read more

Unipart Logistics Plants over 380 trees

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Unipart Logistics has participated in the HEART of ENGLAND Forest Project in partnership with a Warwickshire landowner, Felix Dennis & the Heart of England Forest Ltd.


The aim is to plant and preserve a large, native, broad leaf forest in the heart of England.

In 2011, we planted over 200 trees, and in 2013 we have planted 180 trees to date.

The Unipart Logistics Wood